It’s time to put the dreary, cold winter months behind us and get our homes ready for spring! There’s no better time to redecorate your home with bright accents, energetic patterns, fresh floral arrangements, and colorful paint. Here are 3 easy spring decor ideas to help you welcome the new season into your home:

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Vibrant Outdoor Furniture and Accessories
Spring is a great time to upgrade your outdoor furniture pieces that were damaged by the winter weather. Consider investing in a new patio table and chairs to freshen up your outdoor lounging spaces. You could also purchase floral curtains, patterned pillows, multicolored umbrellas, cheery backyard wall art, a bright tablecloth, and more. We recommend that you select items in different patterns yet a similar color palate.

Wall Decor
Sprucing up your walls with wall decor is an inexpensive way to add color and texture to a boring room. Whether it’s a living room, your bedroom, or even a bathroom, wall decor is a simple way to add some personality to your home this spring. You can start by gathering your favorite photos and turning them into wall murals. Also consider mounting images of cityscapes, artwork with inspirational sayings, or pictures of nature on your walls.

Mirrors are another great option for wall decor because they reflect more light into a room and can make a room appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can also be purchased at Raleigh furniture stores such as Furnish.

Fresh Fruit and Flowers
Fresh flowers have always been a popular way to rejuvenate a home from spring. By simply scattering them in beautiful vases in various rooms of your home, you’ll enjoy a pop of color and the wonderful aromas. In addition to using flowers, you can enhance your home with beautiful bright fruits. Add some oranges and apples to a bowl and use it as a centerpiece to enhance every table in your home with color.

Visit Furnish in Raleigh for More Spring Inspiration
When you add quality furniture, lively wall decor, and bursts of color to your home, the spring season will really start to shine through. For more spring decor ideas, take a trip to Furnish, the top luxury furniture store in Raleigh.