If you’ve recently moved into a new home or are interested in renovating your current one, you’re probably in need of some fresh ideas on how to make any room remarkable. You’re in luck because Furnish is here to provide you with some great tips on how to redecorate the rooms in your home and create a beautiful atmosphere that you cannot wait to come home to each day. Our top 4 suggestions on how to make a room remarkable can be found below.

Furnish - Top 4 Ways to Make Your Room Remarkable

1. Add Color
Color can make or break a room. Instead of dreary dark colors, add bursts of bright colors to your home. You can add an accent wall in a dramatic wallpaper or paint color, paint the inside of a frequently used closet with a refreshing bright color, or add colorful fabrics or throw pillows. Keep in mind that colors can change as the seasons change.

2. Liven Up Furniture
Whether you choose to purchase new quality furniture from furniture stores in Raleigh or decide to hold onto your older furniture, there are many ways to make your furniture stand out. You can experiment with different fabrics in pillows and cushions, use a stencil or paint to transform a coffee table or desk into a work of art, add textured wallpaper, or upholster a piece of furniture with a unique fabric.

3. Update Floors 
It’s not difficult to give your floors some TLC. Start by laying out easy to install carpet tiles to emphasize a conversation area or add some color to a room. You can also refinish hardwood floors, add some personality to the hardwood floor of a foyer by stenciling a design or use multiple rugs to draw attention to certain areas.

4. Maximize Light
Lighting is an important aspect of a room that should not be overlooked. Elegance and sparkle can be added to any room with chandeliers or crystal accents to lampshades. In addition, reflective surfaces such as mirrors, ceramic tiles, glass, and glossy paint are easy ways to maximize lighting in every room of your home.

When you visit Furnish, our expert Interior Designers will be happy to enlighten you with more great tips on how to renovate your home. We look forward to assisting you in making every room remarkable.

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